July 16, 2012

Secret Gardens and Wedding Season

Two years ago, I was at this beautiful garden at Hycroft Manor in Vancouver for my cousin's wedding. It’s the kind of Secret Garden you picture while reading the book with the same name. This year, I'm going back to Vancouver for my friend's wedding at the Queen Elizabeth Park, which is equally beautiful and picturesque.

Hot Pink BCBG dress
BCBG dress, Vintage clutch
Beautiful green gardens of Hycroft Manor
The Gardens at Hycroft Manor
Inside the historic Hycroft Manor
Vogue editorial worthy, I know..
While I strive to capture moments with the camera, it's these special chapters in life that cannot be truly captured, only experienced. I know, I'm getting sentimental.

Let’s hope there’s a photobooth!


  1. Hi there lovely blogger,

    I nominated you for a blog award....have a look http://lizbeechwood.blogspot.de/2012/07/knock-knockwho-is-it-your-blog-award.html

    xxx Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla

  2. Wow this is a gorgeous venue! The photos must be amazing.

  3. I wish to steal of that furniture and relocate it to my living room. Now.


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